Renegade Diet

What is Renegade Diet? This is a program created by Jason Ferrugia that combines philosophies on digestive health and intermittent fasting in a diet that you can maintain long term. People love it very much since it’s mainly for body re-composition. You can lose fat while gaining mucles at once. All methods are healthy, but can be tweaked for maximum leanness or muscle gains.

There are a lot of theories put together in the program, and some of the popular theories are ganerated by Martin Berkhan, John Kiefer, Michael Keck, an Paul Chek. Jason Ferruggia himself has been a fitness guru at Men’s Fitness for years and regular columnist for “The Hard-Gainer.” He has trained all kinds of athletes and regular joes for 18 years!

How Does the Renegade Diet Work?

This program is divided into three sections: the fasting phase (16 hours), the undereating phase (four hours), and the overeating phase (four hours). You will run through a long fasting period followed by a few light meals consisting protein, fat, and vegetables, while at night you have a four-hour “feast” where you get most of your carbs for the day.

To make it far clearer, let’s break the theories down into details!
  1. The fasting phase is aimed to give you a better digestive system. It has a break and speed fat loss. You will have improved insulin sensitivity and greater release of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factors. It creates a slight anabolic effect so you can get muscle easily. Count the time you spent sleeping the night before. It should be 16 hours without food. During a lot of water during fasting to help you control hunger.
  2. Drink some vegetables juice or a whey protein shake blended with spinach to break your fast. Begin the undereating phase by eating easily-digested protein foods and vegetables. Goes on for four hours. 
  3. Drink a protein shake and eat sweet poptatoes for a post-workout meal. The overeating phase is now started. This is the phase to pop some digestive enzymes before you feast to help you digest everything. Eat a large salad and big protein dinner like chicken, fish, beef, and some big servings of carbs.
If you have a very overweight problem, you should make sure that you are ready to concentrate on getting lean first. Go improving your sensitivity to insulin! If you are too skinny, you can shorten the undereating phase and consume more foods and more carbs at night.

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